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Staff & Bio’s

Russell Thorn-Co-Owner/Admin/Lead Sales


Russell is a Co-owner and founding member of R&D Landscape. A former wrestler and soccer player for Eaton Rapids High school, Russell has known Doug since they were both kids.  Just like his partner, Russell graduated Michigan State University with a degree in Landscape Design and Horticulture. Those who know Russell, know that he is a hard-working individual. This character trait can be accounted to his training in wrestling and his firm belief in God. Russell is a cut and dry kind of guy who does what he says he will do. This can be attributed to his standard of high integrity. Russell currently coaches his sons’ wrestling team in his spare time as well as running and biking on various trails around Lansing.

Douglas Reaves-Co-Owner/CFO/CEO/COO/Admin


Doug is a Co-Owner and founding member of R&D Landscape. A graduate from Michigan State University in Landscape Design and Horticulture, Doug has always had a love for nature. One of his favorite things to do is travel to the Upper Peninsula to marvel at the waterfalls and beautiful scenery. Doug is very invested in God and his church. He whole heatedly believes without God; R&D Landscape would not exist or be as successful as it is today. He has 3 beautiful daughters whom he works very hard to instill in them the same core values he himself lives by. To love God, love your neighbor as yourself, and live a life full of integrity. When Doug is not dreaming about the next endeavors for R&D, he is most likely running through a trail at a local park or praying for every employee at R&D!


Clayton Carstensen-Co-Owner/Landscape Division Leader/Admin/ Sales

Clayton is a part owner who does landscape design, estimating and customer relations for R&D Landscape. Growing up in rural Michigan, Clay loved to be outdoors working on his father’s land and has always wanted to work in the landscape field. The work ethic and desire to keep lawns and landscapes looking spectacular is what continues to drive him today, as well as his determination to re-create landscapes and natural wonders from the Upper Peninsula. Clay is full of integrity, has an energizing personality, and has a sincere love for others. When not hard at work, Clay loves to spend time with his family, volunteering at church, or in the outdoors hunting, fishing, or cutting wood.


Matthew Kavanagh-Maintenance Coordinator/ Admin/ Irrigation Division Supervisor

Matt always knew he wanted to work outside but wasn’t exactly sure what that would look like. We initially approached him with the intentions of finding our next Lawn Care Supervisor. What we found was quite a bit more. With over 10 years invested into R&D Landscape, Matt has become a pillar to the foundation R&D was built on. He exemplifies the heart and soul of this company and continues to exceed all expectations. Currently a division leader in our Lawn Care and Irrigation Division, I’m not sure there is anything he can’t do. His leadership and genuine care for the workers under him makes him an easy person to talk to and get along with. This quality can be found in and outside of work.  When Matt’s not on the job, you can probably find him enjoying some family time on a camping trip or out fishing.

Dennis Powell- Maintenance Account Manager

Dennis Powell aka “Dj” has been a member of the team since March of 2009. He originally came to us with no knowledge of landscaping or even how to start a lawn mower for that matter. Over the course of his time here he has become a jack of all trades excelling in multiple departments of our company. The terminology “start from the bottom and work your way up” can be taken in the literal since when talking about his rise to the position he currently holds within our company. Dennis loves to be helpful and is always willing to extend a hand, or a foot, or whatever maybe needed to complete the task. What makes this company unique are the people who work within it. Dennis is a firm believer in the people making the company and not the other way around. He believes you should treat any place you work as if you own it. When you truly love something you only want the best for it, and we see each and every day just how much he loves this company and how much he “Loves this Stuff’.

Andrew MaGee-Lawn Operations Manager

A young, eager individual looking to prove himself; Andrew MaGee began his career at R&D Landscape in the summer of 2010. From the start, he displayed the inklings of a future leader, but there was one thing that stood out more than anything else. Grit is defined as one with courage and resolve; someone who displays strength of character. Andrew is the definition of grit and perseverance. Willing to take on any task in front of him whether he knows what he’s doing or not. This quality has helped him rise to the management role he currently occupies, and will help him continue to be an irreplaceable asset here at R&D. In his spare time Andrew coach’s softball and loves to hunt and fish.

Ashlyn Leyrer- Office Manager/HR/ Admin

Ashlyn has been a member of the R&D crew since 2014. We initially needed someone to whip Bonnie View Golf Course into shape. We quickly found out Ashlyn was capable of that and so much more. When it comes to multi-tasking and managing, I don’t think there is anyone better and more equipped for the task. Ashlyn not only manages the golf course, she is also the Office Manager and H.R. for R&D Landscape. As we grow it is imperative that we can function at a high level while maintaining order. Ashlyn allows us to still dream big and go for it out in the field while keeping ourselves organized in the process.

Paul Park- Turf Management & Pest Control Manager

A very dedicated worker and family man, Paul Park has been a great addition to the R&D staff. With over 10 years in the turf management and pest control industry, it only made sense to put the guy with the most experience in the driver seat as we strive to be the best Turf Management company in Lansing. A very detailed individual, Paul is always one step ahead when it comes to adopting new strategies and understanding the latest products in our conquest to eradicate those pesky weeds. He has many great one liners as well, Just Ask Him!

Bethany Hacker- Landscape Design & Sales

Bethany was an immediate asset to the company the moment she stepped through the door. She began her career with R&D in the Spring of 2019. A graduate from MSU in Landscape Architecture, she has a real eye for beautifying landscapes and relating to people. It was only natural for her to become a part of our team. Bethany has 5 years of design experience, 4 years of installation experience, and a hidden love for plants. Some may even call her a plant enthusiast! When she isn’t working on the next big landscape, you can find Bethany heavily involved in school and community activities, or on the nearest volleyball court.

Will Moore- Irrigation Division Leader

Will began his journey with us in 2017 in an entry level position with one of our landscape crews. He quickly rose to a leadership position within 1 season. From there he established a firm understanding of what it means to be a leader among peers. Opportunity opened for a position in our growing Irrigation division. The position required someone with experience. Will had absolutely none, but what he did have was a willingness to learn whatever was in front of him and master it. Will has proven this was where he needed to be all along. He hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped since.

Ryan Fitch- Head Mechanic

Ryan is the guy we all go to when something is broken. The best part about it is he knows how to fix just about everything. For quite a while we could not justify having a full-time mechanic. Then we met Ryan, and everything changed. He has continuously made every vehicle and piece of equipment we have continue to run at a high level. Without him, we firmly believe that our growth would have been stunted by at least 25%. Ryan is a family man that never hesitates to take care of those around him. These values extend right into our place of business as he constantly takes care of his co-workers to the best of his ability. He continues to improve daily with his knowledge of the inner workings of everything we have an do here and for that we are grateful.

“We Love This Stuff”