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Russ and Doug initially became friends back in first grade, and have continued to grow in their friendship over the years with mutual passions for the outdoors and ideals of honesty and integrity. After working at a landscape nursery together during high school, they both went on to attend Michigan State University for Horticulture degrees where they continued to gain experience at local landscaping companies. In 2001, Russ and Doug decided to open up shop of their own, and R&D Landscape was born.

Some of our favorite customer stories come out of those first few seasons, where customers were willing to take a chance on R&D Landscape, and we were able to deliver. We are even fortunate enough to still serve many of those customers today.

As we continue to grow, we have been able to add key friends to our team, allowing us to serve more customers while still keeping a family feel to our company. We strive to provide quality, valuable landscaping services and exceptional customer service – something that our company was founded on and something we continually instill into our team.

We are a tight-knit crew that loves the outdoors and making nature accessible and enjoyable for our customers. Many of us are inspired by the natural beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as well as our experiences hiking, running, cycling, and swimming outdoors. It’s our goal to share those sights and sounds with you. Let’s create something together »

Core Vision & Mission

To be the best landscape company in the world!

Our definition of “best” is based on five criteria in order of importance: motives, joy, integrity, profitability and size. We understand that at sometimes these items work together for growth and at other times they may work against each other.

  1. Motives: Driven by our core vales. Luke 12: “to whom much has been given much will be demanded.” We believe we are blessed individuals and a blessed company. It is our goal to now be a blessing to others. We love this stuff and it is our mission to help others love it to. By maintaining lawns and landscapes, creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, and managing pests we hope to provide the opportunity for our clients to love the outdoors the way we do.
    • It begins with providing a service and product that exceeds our customers expectations. It carries on by being a spiritual support to anyone through our many relationships with clients, vendors, and employees and ends by being a financial support for our employees, families, churches, and a world in need.
  2. Joy: We are a motivated bunch and find great joy in growth, success, and creating new things. We do not believe that money or business success brings true happiness. We strive for success in many ways and in many areas but ask ourselves at the end of the day if what we are doing is bringing us and those around us more joy.
  3. Integrity: This word to us simply means doing what we say we are going to do. It encompasses all of the meaning of honesty. This word is often spoken in our leadership meetings and guides us in our motives and joy. Our customers can expect it from us and we always expect it from one another. We find that operating daily without exaggerating, over promising, forgetting, or just plain lying to be far superior.
  4. Profitability: It is our goal to provide superior service and results to our customers at a competitive value by being at the forefront of technology and efficiency. We strive to have the best equipment and systems as well as to be leaders within the industry. We do this while providing a prosperous work environment for our employees and owners.
  5. Growth: It is not our intentions to do all of the above in the dark. With an effort to not compromise the other areas, we hope to expand R&D landscape into being one of the largest landscape companies in the state of Michigan. We hope to open other branches and share this joy ride and its blessings with other neighboring communities.

Bonnie View Golf Course

R&D Landscape acquired Bonnie View Golf Course in 2010. The R&D Landscape office has moved into the upper level of the clubhouse. It is our pleasure to transform the golf course into a showcase of our landscaping creativity. Please join us for golf or just for a visit and see how we are combining two great outdoor pleasures.