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Now is the time to start thinking about snow removal. R&D Landscape is actively pursuing the renewal of existing snow removal contracts and as always is looking for new customers that want only the best mid-Michigan snow removal company.

Specializing in commercial accounts, R&D Landscape has more than enough equipment to handle any of your snow removal needs. More importantly, R&D Landscape has groomed a culture among its staff of meticulous care for its customers' needs; you will not find a friendlier, more dedicated mid-Michigan landscape contractor staff than what you'll find at R&D Landscape.

From basic snow plowing to full lot salting to sidewalk clearing and de-icing, R&D Landscape can eliminate the worry of winter, snow, and ice events for you and your business.

A testimonial from a happy R&D customer:

Firing snowplow contractors used to be a common occurrence here. Despite walking tours and placing marker stakes, they'd tear up lawns, push rock gardens across the lot, break off sidewalk corners, pile up snow and ice on nursery trees and do a half-hearted job of clearing the snow, besides. That all came to a screeching halt when Doug signed us up five years ago (time flies when you're having snow). R&D Landscape's drivers are careful and courteous and plow my C-shaped lot as if they own it. I founded my media production business over 34 years ago and my company's image and my property's street appeal remain among my top concerns. My vendors have to prove that they share my concerns or they're gone. R&D Landscape proves their worth to me, my employees and customers each time they plow.

-Bob Bishop, Owner