Employee Testimonials

Why Work With R&D Landscape?

From an employee while applying to work with us:

I wanted to thank you for taking the time Friday to show me some job sites, answer many of my questions and letting me get to know the company better. I truly enjoyed my time and am even more impressed with how R&D is run/managed. The guys I met were pleasant, happy to talk to me and nearly each of them shared how much they liked their job and their bosses. I appreciate the forethought in not rushing to hire someone new. This has really resonated with me. It has shown me that people matter regardless of what position one is hired into. Respect from the top down was what I witnessed from the beginning of the meeting that morning until the moment I left.

Personally this is a big decision. I don’t want to go from job to job. I don’t want to invest myself in a company that doesn’t care or isn’t the right fit. I do want a successful career but it needs to have more substance then just a 9-5 job. As the sole provider for my little one, money does play a large role in any decision I make. Yet I am nothing if not dedicated, hardworking, and willing to put the time into a company to help it and myself be as successful as possible.

One thing I really loved was the fast pace; the interaction with the crew/property owners/designers; and always staying busy. Again, as a mother going to school, working and volunteering I think I would thrive in this type of environment and excel as I am often managing time and money very carefully. After thinking this over, talking about the job with others (mentors, friends, my daughter and significant other) I feel like I could take on this position even in the winter with crazy snow hours.

The question and concern I have had over of the weekend is this: would R&D be willing and able to mentor and educate me in the realm of hardscapes? I excel at what I do know(plants, design etc.), but I don’t know hardscapes! Snow is another area that I am also clueless.

Sorry for the lengthy email but that about sums up what has been on my mind this weekend! I truly hope that we are on the same page and able to take the next step. I look forward to hearing back! Thanks again,

– Rachel

There simply isn’t a better place to work than R&D Landscape.

And there are many reasons why. First, many of my coworkers have turned into my best friends; the trust and camaraderie we have just isn’t found in other companies to this level. Second, I know the leadership is deeply concerned about my welfare. Third, the company is financially stable and growing consistently, which means I won’t be stuck in a dead end company. Fourth, the work is engaging; I never get bored with what I’m doing. Fifth, the pay and benefits are very competitive with what I could be getting if I looked elsewhere.

– Micah Winzeler

R&D Landscape has been my place of employment for 6 years now. The company and the guys around have helped me to mature into a better worker.

The on-job experience and brotherhood can be expressed with one word: Priceless.

I have chosen to remain with this company for that very reason. I’m not sure what the future holds for me, but at this moment R&D is where it’s at!!!

– Dennis Powell

I’ve been working for R&D for about 8 years. I enjoy working here because I feel like I can joke around and have fun with the bosses.

I feel like they truly care about the workers and making everyone better people not just better employees.

I also really like seeing how far the company has come since I started here and really look forward to seeing where the company goes.

– David Wood

Working for R&D Landscape has been a wonderfully fulfilling experience.

Not only is it a great place where everyone works hard to accomplish goals, but also a place to celebrate achievements and successes as a team. R&D is also a great community of co-workers and friends who are invested and care about you as a person beyond being a fellow employee. As a member of the R&D team, you will be challenged to work outside your personal comfort zone and required to grow in many positive aspects, both beneficial to your work and personal development. I’m thankful to work for R&D for these reasons, but I am mostly proud to work for a company who cares about their people and are committed to the success of their employees.

– Ashlyn Leyrer

What I like most about working at R&D Landscape is the family like atmosphere and doing what I love.

Everyone is so friendly and willing to lend a hand if I need it.

– Matthew Kavanagh

 I love working with the R&D Landscape family.

With about 10 years working with the guys at R&D Landscape, we’ve been through a lot together.  The business, our families, and certainly our friendships have grown.  All along the way I can honestly say that I have come to work with a smile and when I haven’t, someone has been there to pick me up.  What I think is one of a kind is that from the management to the guys on the job sites, everybody leaves it all on the field.  Doug and Russ are definitely in a different class when it comes to owners.  They work just as hard or harder than anyone and do not expect anybody to do anything that they themselves wouldn’t do.  I can honestly say that I am a better person simply by being surrounded by the awesome group of guys at R&D Landscape.  We push each other to accomplish great things.  High expectations and high level of care on a work level and personal level are very present each and every day!

– Clayton Carstensen

R&D Landscape is the best place in the world to work…

I started working here right out of high school and it was the best decision of my life. Mowing lawns was a hobby of mine as a child and then it turned out to be my career. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive group of guys to work for and with. Through the years of working here, I have learned so much and it has molded me into the person I am today.

– Andrew Magee

I started my career with R&D about 4 years ago. 

I have never been with a company that has such a feeling of  “team work makes the dream work” like here.

The  leaders instill into each employee the want to do what is right for the customer, and make you feel appreciated each day you come to work. The number 1 thing I like is that we have a prayer time giving thanks to the Most High; Jesus Christ!

– Paul D. Park

I think one of the most important things I’ve learned while working here; is how everyone wants to make you feel welcomed. They treat it more as a family atmosphere, they encourage you to learn and strive for success and,

they want the best for us all!

-Ryan Fitch

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