Dear Customer,

Wow! I knew we had loyal and great customers and have always been appreciative, but this
current situation has been overwhelming. We can’t thank you enough! ALL of our customers have
shown so much kindness, understanding and patience during this time. To our knowledge we did not
have one disgruntled customer who made this situation even more challenging. You’re a really good
group of humans.
Fortunately, Governor Whitmer has modified the executive order to now allow us to provide our
services to you. We plan to do that beginning Sunday, April 26th. Saturday will be spent preparing by
meeting outside in small groups with our team members to review our new Covid 19- safety policy and
procedures. We are very grateful to get back to doing what we love and want to provide our services to
you safely and responsibly. To protect both you and our team members, we ask that if you need to
approach our team members, you do so by practicing social distancing (at least 6 ‘). We will be available
for meetings via Zoom, Facetime, or in-person while practicing the social distancing rules. As mentioned
in previous communications, we may have more vehicles on-site as we encourage team members to
meet at the jobs. For these first few weeks we may be working later hours and on weekends to get
caught up. We want to apologize in advance for any interruption this may cause you. We will resume
normal hours before the end of May.
We plan to use this last week of April for spring clean-ups and landscaping. We will also be doing
pressure washing, applying fertilizer with pre-emergent, and starting to schedule irrigation activation(s).
Mowing will most likely begin the week of May 4th. This is just a guide and every customer’s property
and contracts are different, so if you have specific questions or requests please reach out to us. Finally, if
you have questions or concerns regarding our Covid-19 policy please let us know. We will be seeing you

Warm Regards,

Douglas Reaves

R&D Landscape