Plowing & De-Icing

Snow removal services for safety and peace of mind.

At R&D Landscape, the safety of our customers (and yours) is always at the front of our minds. We provide reliable, affordable snow removal and de-icing services throughout the Greater Lansing area to both residential and commercial customers.

Commercial Snow Plowing

We provide 24/7 snow removal services, always keeping your safety and functional needs in mind. Our tiered service offerings allow you to decide how often we plow, allowing for the most efficient and economical snow removal plan for your organization. We also provide logistical snow management and offer full service removal and de-icing of all paved surfaces for our commercial customers. R&D Landscape is Lansing’s premier snow removal company, serving Mid Michigan since 2001.

Who We Serve

  • Condominiums / apartments
  • Office buildings
  • Municipalities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Commercial businesses
  • Universities / colleges

Residential Snow Removal

With our residential snow removal services, you can rest at ease that when winter weather hits Mid Michigan, you’ll be prepared. Don’t spend your time shoveling or snow blowing in the cold. Let R&D Landscape snow plow your driveway while you sleep in and stay warm.

You can schedule snow removal services individually or arrange snow removal as a part of a landscaping plan. Give us a call or send a message and tell us what landscaping services you are looking for throughout the year. Get an Estimate »

Why R&D Landscape?

We love this stuff. R&D Landscape has been serving residents and businesses in Greater Lansing since 2001. We are a passionate, dedicated team who does what it takes to get the job done right. Our customers love us, and we love them. Because for us, the relationships we build on the job are just as important as the job itself.