Grill & Paver Patio

Grilling is a past time that most of us share fond memories of. It's usually a great time, with great friends & family, and great food. What better way to share... Read More »

Nature’s Family Room

Soak up the sun during the day and be the light that sparks entertainment at night with this gorgeous patio and fire-pit combo. We love to create places to enjoy all... Read More »

Dreams Do Come True…

This project showcases the amazing design talent we have here at R&D Landscape. The combination of paver block patterns and vibrant plants really bring out the... Read More »

Retaining Wall and Flagstone Walkway

We love natural scenery. Our awesome team installed this amazing retaining wall and flagstone walkway. The mulch and surrounding wood line really make this project... Read More »

Bon Fire Beauty…

The outdoor experience is one you should always be willing to share good news about. Here at R&D, we specialize in paver patio design and installation. [gallery... Read More »

Multi Level Retaining Wall Flower Bed

Spring is the season of vibrant colors and new beginnings. We wanted to continue this trend with this multi layer retaining wall flower bed. The sandy brown retaining... Read More »

Natural Outcropping Stone Retaining Wall

This All-American home is the perfect canvas to showcase our artistic side. A Natural Outcropping Stone Retaining Wall combined with a vast selection of colorful... Read More »

Rock Bed Oasis

Country Charm! Every landscape is a new opportunity and a new challenge for our designers and installers. This low maintenance landscape is just right for these home... Read More »

Enclosed Fire Pit & Brick Patio with Bar

The epitome of summer vibes starts with a beautiful place to enjoy the sunshine. Plenty to enjoy during the day with the Roses and Grasses. Entertain friends and family... Read More »

Rosetta Staircase and Raised Patio

This beautiful lake home became breath taking with the addition of a custom built Rosetta Retaining Wall. What makes this project unique is the multi layer paver patios... Read More »

Beacon Hill Paver Patio and Wall

What could possibly make your home hidden in the woods even more surreal? How about a Beacon Hill Paver patio equipped with a fire-pit and Limestone retaining wall. This... Read More »

Pergola Over Paver Patio with Fire Pit

We had a country backyard with some inviting views, but no inviting area in which to enjoy them. The designers at R&D Landscape came up with this patio dining area with... Read More »

Paver Patio and Walkway for Outdoor Living Area with Hot Tub

This country farm has a wonderfully secluded area between the house and the garage, perfect for R&D Landscape to install a patio area for their hot tub, some planters, a... Read More »

Outdoor patio, pergola, hot tub, and grilling area

At R&D Landscape we love taking unused spaces and transforming them into havens of outdoor activity. While we love curb-appeal and fantastic looking landscapes, we are... Read More »

Surrounded Fire Pit

We definitely love decks, but this deck needed more. What could be better than walking out your back door to a grill on your deck with a paver patio and built in fire... Read More »

Sweeping Landscape Beds

This large country lawn was just begging for some color. We installed several landscape beds with boulders, Feather Reed Grass, Coral Bells, Violet Meadow Sage, Stella... Read More »

Tribute Park

R&D Landscape has a great relationship with the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home for Kids in Eaton Rapids. When the VFW Home wanted to build a Tribute Park,... Read More »

Front Corner Patio & Steps

An old, unsightly, and crumbling concrete patio just wouldn't do for this Okemos home. R&D Landscape removed the old structure and incorporated this brick patio and... Read More »

Condominium Association Entrance Retaining Walls

The old post and tongue-and-groove wood retaining walls at the entrance to this condo association provided many challenges to our crews in the demo and subsequent... Read More »

Backyard Natural Brown Flagstone Patio

This flagstone patio was designed to connect the pool, gardens and three season room. The home owners are lovers of antiques and anything that is unique. The irregular... Read More »
Lush Backyard Sanctuary

Lush Backyard Sanctuary

On this particular project, we transformed a dated yard into a mature landscape design by using weathered pavers, New York Flagstone and a number of woody shrubs and... Read More »
Entry Door Steps & Walkway

Entry Door Steps & Walkway

A truly breathtaking approach to a very distinct home. An older timber framed walkway with stairs served as the entrance to this residence. The timbers had deteriorated,... Read More »
Emerald Isle Condominiums

Lawn at Condominiums

This patterned, beautifully groomed lawn is found at a condominium association where the grass grows so fast that it's often mowed twice a week. With a landscape that... Read More »
Patio and Brick Walkway on the Lake

Patio & Brick Walkway on the Lake

The customer had an older, unsightly deck on the lake side that was deteriorating and had a tree stump in the middle of it. We removed and replaced the deck, opting for... Read More »
Brick Walkway and Water Feature

Brick Walkway and Water Feature

Welcome Home. This walkway with embedded low voltage lighting creates a beautiful path that ushers you towards the front door. Once on the front porch, the view of the... Read More »
Brick Patio, Steps, Grill Enclosure, and Pergola

Brick Patio, Steps, Grill Enclosure, and Pergola

This was an ultimate, all-in-one custom hardscape project! To start this project, we built a brick paver patio from scratch. We also designed and constructed a grill... Read More »
Outdoor Pizza Oven

Outdoor Pizza Oven

A fantastic local chef who offers many cooking classes and takes a yearly trip to Italy to refine her Italian cuisine wanted to offer a pizza class cooked in an outdoor... Read More »
Rosetta Retaining Wall

Rosetta Retaining Wall

This project features a towering Rosetta retaining wall. The demands of this site required the use of a large scale retaining wall block. Eleven courses of wall block,... Read More »
Backyard Patio with Circle Kit & Custom Stairs

Backyard Patio with Circle Kit & Custom Stairs

A true masterpiece. As you enter through the custom wooden gate, you are greeted with a traditional ornamental garden complete with topiaries, decorative stone mulch,... Read More »
Built In Grill Patio and Remote Fire Pit

Built In Grill Patio & Remote Fire Pit

This stylish home sits in the beautiful countryside, home to people that enjoy entertaining and wanted an outdoor space where they could do exactly that. As the main... Read More »
Bonnie View (Water Feature & 1st Hole)

Bonnie View Golf Course

A peaceful, beautiful, friendly and affordable atmosphere is what Bonnie View Golf Course is all about. Here golfers are first welcomed to the clubhouse with the... Read More »
Deck with Built In Fire Pit

Deck with Built In Fire Pit

Found at R&D Landscape team member - Micah's house, an old junky deck was removed and replaced with a 20x21 deck that included a built-in fire pit. This new, spacious... Read More »
Wraparound Retaining Wall With Stone Plant Beds

Wraparound Retaining Wall With Stone Plant Beds

Perfect tones, textures, and colors abound in this creation. From the curvilinear retaining wall design to the Lilac colored decorative stone mulch to the robust colors... Read More »
Atlas Retaining Wall & Rosetta Steps

Atlas Retaining Wall & Rosetta Steps

Retaining walls typically aren't put in place for looks but for necessity. However, we've made it our mission to design and build retaining walls that not only serve the... Read More »
Backyard Plant Bed and Retaining Wall

Backyard Plant Bed & Retaining Wall

This retaining wall and planting bed combo is the perfect canvas for the homeowner to paint with beautiful plants and flowers. Convenient areas at each end of the wall... Read More »
Meandering Walkway with Planting Beds

Meandering Walkway with Planting Beds

Often we are charged with the task of creating entrances that are inviting and appealing to the senses. This home was no exception, but it doesn't just simply happen.... Read More »
Brick Patio

Brick Patio

This beautiful multi-color patio built with Oak Pavers really lights up this outdoor space. By mixing up the colors on the patio is gives it a timeless appeal and makes... Read More »
Lakefront Retaining Walls and Steps

Lakefront Retaining Walls & Steps

What better way to spend the day by the lake than right here? The AB Europa Collection retaining wall block was designed to create a living space by the water. Oaks... Read More »
Well Established Plants

Well Established Plants

This 1970s cap cod originally had an overgrown exclusively evergreen landscape from the 1980s before undergoing a landscape redesign and renovation. The landscape was... Read More »