Landscape Fingerprints

A fingerprint is much like a beautiful landscape.

Each ridge, island, and unique swirl of epidermis reveals an identity true to one individual. A fingerprint in its narrow sense is an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger. What is left behind is a direct identification of the individual themselves.

Landscapes should be one in the same. When you look at your landscape, do you see evidence of your personality, your likes, and your one of a kind taste? Perhaps there are “parts” of your landscape that you can certainly identify with but there are others that are no where near matching your unique “fingerprint”.

What are the defining ridges in your landscape fingerprint? Is it the memory of warm days,
lemonade, and playing catch in the backyard of a country farmhouse? Or perhaps the whimsical
touches of a classic Victorian home with its elaborate trim, gazebos, seemingly endless beauty of
Hydrangea in the summer and Forsythia in the spring? Certainly don’t rule out the graceful
sway of ornamental grasses, the delightful color of a Knockout rose, or the sunrise yellow of a daylily blooming along the edge of a beautiful patio. Each of these memories have made us who we are and we have the opportunity to leave our fingerprint on all of our surroundings.

Maybe you need some small tweaks to your existing landscape. Maybe you need an entirely different look with retaining walls, a patio, a meandering paver path, or a tranquil water feature. R&D Landscape absolutely loves this stuff and would love to create that special place just for you.

You may be having a hard time visualizing how your landscape “fingerprint” would look or best fit your property. That’s OK!! Our passion is to assist in creating spaces and landscapes that will truly express who you are and that you and others can enjoy for years to come. What are you waiting for? Allow us to serve you by designing and installing that stunning landscape that is true to who you are. So what does your landscape say about you?

How to Ensure a Return on Your Landscaping Investment

At R&D Landscape, we’re all about creating beautiful, usable spaces that make you want to spend more time outside and help you to enjoy nature. But we know that a landscape upgrade can be quite an investment. We also know that there are some big ways for you to see a return on that investment when your landscaping project is approached in the proper way.

Whether you are looking to sell your home in the near future or you want an upgrade to your home that you can enjoy now and that will add value to your home in the long term, consider investing in your home’s curb appeal. According to, your home’s landscaping can add up to 14% to its resale value and reduce the time your home stays on the market by up to six weeks. And a landscaping upgrade is something you can truly enjoy.

So how do you ensure a return on your landscaping investment? Here are 3 tips to keep you headed in the right direction.

1. Give the front of your house a facelift

First impressions go along way when it comes to selling your home. A thoughtfully planned, well executed entrance is a great place to start when investing its landscaping. From elegant walkways and stairs to the perfect combination of ornamental trees, grasses and flowers, a little effort can go a long way toward generating popularity for your home and getting it off the market as quickly as possible.

2. Elegantly address any structural issues with your home

Sometimes investing in your home with a landscaping upgrade isn’t optional. A new home that is missing stairs off the back door is a serious safety concern, and a failing retaining wall with the potential to expose the foundation of your home could cause serious damage in the long term. By addressing potential issues before they become big problems, you are making an investment in your home that will save you from headaches and make it easier to sell your home when the time comes. Consider making a bit more of an investment in these necessary home updates, like a walkout patio or a landmark retaining wall, to truly set your home apart.

3. Create a custom outdoor living space

What better way to increase the value of your home than with an additional living space that makes natural beauty enjoyable from your own back yard. Create or upgrade an outdoor living space with a unique patio, a built in fire pit or grill enclosure or a custom water feature to make your home stand out and increase its value. There are so many options for outdoor living spaces, that you can really create the landscape of your dreams, enjoy it now, and see a return on your investment in the future.

There are plenty of ways to invest in your home’s landscaping that will prove value over time. At R&D Landcaping, we specialize in helping our customers enjoy nature with landscape and hardscape design and installation customized to your wants and needs.