Irrigation: Keeping Your Lawn and Plants Healthy All Season

Irrigation: Keeping Your Lawn and Plants Healthy All Season

Who doesn’t enjoy having a lush green landscape surrounding your home? If you do, then you should know how important an automatic irrigation system can help you achieve this. Also, did you know about one third of your water bill comes from outdoor water use? Every time you water the lawn, garden, and landscape plants, it costs money. Many of us overspend on water and energy every year because we do not take the time to understand the balance between water conservation and managing the health of the plants we irrigate. How would you feel if you could save a third of your energy bill every year? R&D Landscape can help you move in the right direction. There are so many new innovative technologies in the irrigation industry. The old days of dragging hoses around the lawn, keeping track of weather, and making sure your lawn and landscape plants will survive through the dry spells are over! One thing is for sure, having R&D Landscape install or evaluate your current irrigation system will lead you to a healthy and lush landscape, which every beautiful outdoor landscape living space needs.

How It Works

The first step is knowing which type of system is best for you. We will assess your property, the type of plants you wish to water, and make sure to provide the right amount of hydration. Whether you need a new install or have an outdated system that needs renovation, R&D will give you options on which system is the best for long term plant health, hassle free maintenance, and will save you money on water and energy.

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Matthew Kavanagh
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