Mosquito Free Outdoor Living Spaces

The unofficial start to summer is coming quickly. Picnics, barbecues, and bonfires will be the outdoor norm in no time. Kids will be running through sprinklers or sliding down bright yellow slides while the adults sip drinks lounging in the shade. Grilled hotdogs, smores, and summer shandies will become staples in our diet again, but with all the joys of being outside in the summer comes one notable irritant that’s easy to forget about during the cold winter months: mosquitoes. Breaking out the flip-flops looses so much appeal when a mosquito bites the top of your foot. The memories of sprinkler soaked kids with grass blades still stuck to their legs as they come in the back door get tainted real quick when they’re also filled with the telltale little red dots from mosquito bites. So what’s the best way to clean up our yards and get back to the best the summer has to offer?


Well the place not to start is by wasting money on bug zappers or ultrasound devices. The zappers only ever attract mosquitoes from the neighbor’s yard to yours without killing them all, and they kill so much more than just mosquitoes. In fact, they often kill other bugs that are mosquito predators. You could choose the citronella option if you have a very small area and don’t mind the smell.

What if you could just enjoy the outdoors without having to put up with any special tricks or ineffective wastes of money? What if the company that already mows your lawn and keeps the dandelions at bay could give you the same hassle-free treatment regarding mosquitoes?


They can. We at R&D Landscape have certified pesticide applicators that can treat your outdoor living areas with a product that eliminates the mosquitoes altogether. The treatment kills mosquitoes and their larvae on contact and gives 1-2 months of relief from mosquitoes. So, let us give you a price and include this fantastic service in taking care of your outdoors.